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I have been very inquisitive to learn more about language, culture, and heritage.  Being away from the home country I felt the importance of these subjects and thought of passing what I have learned to the the younger generation.  With that focus, I started this blog Guru Peetham.  I have keen interest in knowing the meanings of shlokas and several devotional topics.  I am not proficient, but always eager to learn.  The material presented in this blog is collected from various sources and posted after reading and understanding. I knew very little, but always want to share with others what I have learned.  So this material is for those who would like to have some basic information. I would welcome your suggestions, comments and constructive criticism.

With best regards
Suryanarayana Vulimiri

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  1. Nice work sir..keep it up i was looking for this kind of info for quite a sometime. please add more stotras like shiva manasa pooja, shiva panchaksari etc.,

    1. Thank you sir. Sure. More will be coming in the near future. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I am extremely happy at your well explained meaning of agajanana , even though I read the meaning else where this one stands out and in fact makes it well understood by initial learners of Sanskrit

    G Natarajan